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San Teodoro - north Sardinia

San Teodoro, a destination in Sardinia not to be missed if you love the sea and lively, fun-filled places – it stands on the southern border of the ever-popular Costa Smeralda and shares its typical architectural style of low cottages with pastel-coloured walls and trachyte or granite stone courses, surrounded by greenery.

A highly renowned destination, blending natural attractions with a vast choice of activities and entertainment. In the wake of its popularity, San Teodoro has developed a full range of tourist services including a vast choice of restaurants and eateries, pubs and night clubs.

Take a stroll through the small town which apart from being home to some of the largest, most exclusive discos on the north-western coast of Sardinia, also has the two charming small churches of Sant'Andrea and Sant'Antonio and the Museum of Seafaring Peoples.

Not to be missed are the various white sandy beaches in the area, from well-known and popular Spiaggia La Cinta to the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara,which lies north of the town and is a true nature paradise.

San Teodoro is part of the historical region of Gallura whose typical cuisine is renowned and will conquer even the little ones. Simple recipes based ongenuine ingredients sourced from the local farms and breeders, such as milk, meat, flour, honey and vegetables.

Scents and flavours blended with great wisdom and skill which produce traditional Gallura dishes such as the “zuppa gallurese” and fish stew, the “mazza frìssa”,and sweets such as “li cucciuléddi milàti”and “li ruióli”… just to mention a few specialities to whet your appetite and give you one more reason to spend a holiday at San Teodoro.

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